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With 32 National Nature Reserves and about 80,000 registered animal species, Turkey is positioned as the country with the greatest biodiversity in Europe and the Middle East. Wooded areas represent 21 million hectares or 26% of the territory. The variety of biotopes, mountains, forests, scrublands, alluvial plains, steppes…ensure the presence of many large mammals (bear, wolf, hyena, jackal, Anatolian lynx, deer, roe deer, fallow deer, chamois, ibex Bezoar) and in particular a large number of wild boars, which are rarely hunted by Turkish hunters (for whom this animal is impure). Chestnuts, olives, acorns, cereals, the wild boar populations also find throughout the country a varied food that they are particularly fond of. Turkey is for all these reasons a destination of excellence for wild boar hunting, probably the only one today to offer such a beautiful density of trophies and hunting areas, still today to be discovered. Trofe Hunting Safaris reserves the best destinations for you.

Black Sea Region

Central and Eastern Anatolia Region

Aegean and Mediterranean Region

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