Born in Istanbul. Founder and owner of Trofe Hunting Safaris. Speaks very good English and German.


Born in Bolu (Black Sea region). Son of a family of hunters. Full-time PH guide at Trofe Hunting Safaris since 2007. Serkan has a hyperactive, very sociable and friendly character with a natural instinct and passion for hunting. He is a talented PH guide for night stalking who never stops, a perfect manager in driven hunts and very good in all type of mountain hunts. Speaks basic English and German.


Born in Kastamonu/Tosya (Black Sea region). Son of a family of poachers. Now on the bright side, he became an official PH guide with all his hunting talents. He is the oldest full-time PH of Trofe Hunting Safaris family since 2001. Ahmet is a gifted outstanding tracker for boars stalking in the mountains and a very scorer PH for night hunting. He speaks little but has a very friendly character.
Speaks basic English and German.


Born at Pinarbaşi (Black Sea region). Full time PH guide at Trofe Hunting Safaris since 2008. Maho has a very analytical way of thinking and systematically plans his hunts. He never gives up. When he has seen a step or the image of a boar on a camera, that boar doesn’t stand a chance anymore. Maho is calm and very friendly. He is a very good driven hunt organizer, perfect night stalker and very good for all mountain hunts. Speaks basic English and German.


Born in Antalia (Mediterranean region). Cengiz joined Trofe Hunting Safaris in 2017 as office manager. He previously worked for 20 years in the same position. He has also become a perfect field manager as well, capable of handling the high season. He is responsible for all administrative procedures, hunting permits and state tag tenders for Bezoar and Anatolian red deer.
Speaks good English and fluent German.


Born in Nazilli Aydin (Aegean region). He is the last PH guide to join the Trofe Hunting Safaris team in 2015. Hüseyin is a dog whisperer. He is a driven hunt master and also manager of the Trofe Hunting Safaris kennel with 42 dogs. Hüseyin is a very talented night hunting guide. Hüseyin has a very friendly character, he is an instinctive hunter, full of passion.
Speaks English.

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